Interested in Criminal Justice?

The course is run by the Criminal Justice Department and it is being offered for the first time and is part of of the internationally known Inside Out Prison Exchange Program. The course description is below

“Inside-Out is an opportunity for college students to go behind the walls to reconsider what they have come to know about crime and justice. At the same time, it is also an opportunity for those inside prison to place their life experiences in a larger framework. Inside-Out creates a paradigm shift for participants, encouraging transformation and change agency in individuals and, in so doing, serves as an engine for social change”.

For more information, students should go to


CJ/ENG 370 Special Topics: Voices From the Inside

This course will involve a critical rhetorical analysis through discussion and written reaction to writings of diverse incarcerated people from different eras, countries and races. The social, political and economic contexts of these writers will be examined. An analysis of the constraints on incarcerated voices will be undertaken. The class will engage SJC and Yaphank Correctional Facility students together in a dialogue about justice, while bridging the disciplines of Literature and Criminal Justice as well as the diverse life experiences of the respective student groups. The course will create a cooperative environment where the worth of all individuals is acknowledged and the concerns of dissenting voices can be incorporated.


To be considered for the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program:

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