11:00- 12:15 pmGetting into a Ph.D. Program.  Informal gathering group. SHEA

12:40 – 2:00.  Ending Procrastination: Pause, Ponder, Produce Auditorium

What are the CAUSES and the CONSEQUENCES of CHRONIC PROCRASTINATION?  It is not about time or poor time management! Telling the chronic procrastinator “just do it” is like telling a clinically depressed person “cheer up” ~ that is not the solution. In this presentation, Rev. Dr. Ferrari, explores the common myths people tell themselves and others about why they procrastinate.

2:15 – 3:15 Community Psychology: Engaging in Social Justice Actions SHEA

I want to help people” is a common comment by students for a career goal.  But, engaging in interpersonal counseling or clinical psychology or social work – may help a person but not ‘people.’ Instead of focusing on deficits and ‘abnormal’ tendencies ~ strengthen the skills people have to promote social change.  In this presentation, Rev. Dr. Joseph Ferrari (provides an overview of our need for mission, for service, for community. Want to help people?  Start by learning an effective program of study that builds in people a make-a-difference lifestyle

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