Trip to United Nations: Friday, May 3rd

  • Join us on Friday, May 3rd. Tickets $10 (LIRR Transportation included)
  • Meet at Ronkonkoma train station at 8 am
  • Sign up in the Office of Global Studies, Room 3 Student Lounge
  • Email me that you are coming

Psychology is well represented in UN mission and business.  For example, the APA is a Non-Governmental Agency that works with UN on a number of issues including
Ageing, Children and Families, including Child Welfare, Violence Prevention, Healthy Families, Disaster Relief, Climate Change, Disability Access and Accommodation,  Education from Early Childhood Throughout the
Lifespan,  Gender Equality,  Habitat, Environment and Human Settlement,  Health and Mental Health, including Treatment and Prevention,  Human Rights, LGBTQI,  Multiculturalism, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Racism and Xenophobia


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