Clinical Psychology at Pilgrim State – Screening Interview

Anyone interested in taking the course in Clinical Psychology, which
involves a three hour a week placement working with patients at Pilgrim
State Psychiatric Center in Brentwood, needs to have a screening interview
with Professor Paul Ginnetty in order to be considered for enrollment in this
particular course.

Only six openings—

Interested students should sign up for an interview between now and
Thursday October 24 th on the office hours sign-up sheet on Dr. Ginnetty’s
door (E-113). Even if a student has interviewed for this course in the past, he
or she must be briefly re-interviewed to be considered for the Spring 2020
Requirements: Applicants must be Psychology majors who have completed
PSY 271 (Abnormal Psychology) prior to the Spring 2020 semester and they
should also have a GPA of at least 3.0. They must also be free Tuesday and
Thursday mornings in the spring. Finally, they must get a flu shot before
beginning the placement. Anyone who has a medical reason that would
prevent him or her from getting a flu shot would not be able to apply.

Any questions can be addressed to Dr. Ginnetty at or
Extension 2681.

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