Stats Homework

How to save your SPSS file to upload on BB (click)

Save your file with  initial of first name, full last name and hw # or Lab #- for example -dtrebouxHW1.doc and upload on BB 

Technology Use Survey

HW 1. Identification Problems independent and dependent variables 2014 sheet

HW 2.  p.32 #11  and  p 51 #5 & # 6 and p 55 #16 & # 17 (pick between bar graph and histogram).

HW 3. On page 67, # # 4. Compute the measures of central tendency and decide which measure is best to use.  Explain your choice, graph the data and interpret the  findings.  I would prefer that you do the exercises in SPSS.  The number of children represents the number of times the particular score should be repeated.

Do p.74 # 13, # 14, # 15


A. Complete

  • Puzzles- do in the following order : (1) walking person (2) piano and (3) hat wear; for each puzzle record the amount of time it took you to complete and the number of hints you used.
  • score
  • One sample z– test
  • Independent Groups t-test

Complete  and record your GRIT score


LAB 3: Be a Juror

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