Paper II: Validity

Purpose of the Study. To examine the validity of a mobile app as a measure of personality.

This paper will be written as a group paper.  You should use Google Docs to write you paper. Google Docs allows all group members to write simultaneously.  Once completed, you will save the paper as a Word Document and upload the document to CANVAS.

This paper will follow APA formatting. Empirical APA papers require the following components:  Title page, Abstract, Main Body (i.e., Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion) and References. Click on links below for more details. You should also consult your textbook and APA manual.

Title page
1. Every group member found a research article related to the importance of personality. As a group, pick the best article among you that best demonstrates the importance of personality in the lives of individuals (e.g., related to health, relationships etc.). The article needs to be an empirical article. The summary of this article must include the purpose of the study, how the study was conducted and findings. Be mindful of guidelines we discussed in class (i.e., no jargon, no quotes etc).

You may want to use  article summary form (not mandatory to use, but helpful) to pull out the important information from your reading. Click here  sample summary for Chase 2002 for an example on how to pull pertinent information from an article and summarize that information. You can use this a model for the summary of your article .

Method: Explanation
           -example of a method section

You are to choose:

A.  Mobile Personality app

Each group should select a personality mobile app.

B. Established Measure of Personality.  Select one of the following  questionnaires assessing self-reported personality. You will be comparing the personality scores from the mobile app to scores on the selected personality established questionnaire.

C. Demographic Form.  To use to colllect information about your sample. May want to edit to better reflect the characteristics of your participants.

Example of a Results Section

You can access SPSS by clicking on VAL (Virtual Application Lab)

Option A.
1.       New Measure= Nominal (i.e., Personality Types: Introvert vs. Extrovert)
2.       New Measure = Nominal (i.e., Personality Types: Introvert vs. Extrovert)
Hypothesis test = chi-square analyses

Option B.
1.       Mobile Measure = Interval (i.e., continuous score)
2.       Paper Measure =  Interval  (i.e.,  continuous score)
Hypothesis test = Pearson correlation

Option C.
1.       New Measure = Nominal  (2 personality types)
2.       Established Measure =  Interval  (i.e., continuous score)
Hypothesis test = t-test for independent groups if Mobile App is scored as 0-1, you can run a Pearson correlation

Option D.
1.       New Measure= Nominal  (i.e., 3 or more types)
2.       Established Measure =  Interval  (i.e., continuous score)
Hypothesis test = One Way ANOVA


References:  See APA Manual

Absolute NOs | Commonly misused wordsAPA Quick Reference| personality-validity-paper-checklist.

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