Research Internship

SJC offers a research internship – PSY 405 (3 credits). PSY 405 was designed to provide educational experiences in research settings.  Check in with all our psychology faculty about research internship opportunities in their labs. Their research may be more relevant to your interests.

If you are interested in the effects of early experiences with parents on empathy and compassion in close interpersonal relationships and with strangers, come by my office and we chat about my work. Click here for some of the projects that my interns have worked on

Prior to accepting students as interns, I require students to have volunteered in my research lab.  Such experiences ensures that the research intern is well prepared to take a leadership role on a project. The research internships requires a minimum of 80 hours without remuneration. Research interns do a variety of activities including contributing to the design of of new studies, training junior research assistants, and running participants. Research interns are expected to produce a concrete demonstration of their contribution in the form of an oral, paper, or poster presentation at the SJC Student Symposium and/or professional conferences.

Prerequisites: Junior or Senior Psychology Major with at least 15 credits in Psychology and a minimum GPA of 3.0. Completion of PSY 316 and PSY 392, as well as permission of the department are required.