Paper III: Experimental Design

This paper includes: Title Page, Abstract, Main Body of Paper including Introduction, Method, Results and Discussion) & Reference Page.

Title page
Needs to include:
a)  one article on a factor that may affect jury decision making. Must be an empirical article. Must give purpose of the study, describe how the study was done and the findings.
b)  the following paper (which is the basis of this study)- Sigall , H.O., & Ostrove, N (1975). Beautiful but dangerous: Effects of offender attractiveness and nature of the crime on juridic judgment. Journal of Personality and Social Psychological, 31, 410-414.

Case Report

Steps in data analysis experimental design
t-test for independent groups including how to conduct, interpret and write-up.

References:  See APA Manual

experimental lab checklist|Absolute Nos | Commonly misused words | APA Quick Reference

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