Paper I: Research Participation

The purpose of this paper is for you to examine the difference between completing a study online vs. in-person.   

Title page

Main Body of Paper

  1. Read Psychological research online and summarize two points on the difference between research conducted online vs. in person.

2. Participate in two research projects:

a. one online study. Go to and select a study
b. one in-person study. Go to the St. Joseph’s College Psychology Research website

  • Create an account by clicking on ‘Request Account’ on the right side of the page.
    Complete the account information requested.
  • Your User ID must be the same ID assigned to you by the college and is used for your student email account. When typing your User ID it is not necessary to type in
  • Use the arrows button to move your section to the ‘Selected Courses’ box on the right side.
  • Request Account
  • The system will send you an email. Open your email for the login link and your account password.
  • When you login to the site (, you will be required to read and agree to the IRB policy.
  • Follow the link to View Available Studies. You can read a description of the studies and view available timeslots. You may sign up for a study at a particular date, time, and location. You will be sent a confirmation email with all the relevant study information.

3. Immediately after participating, write up a summary of your experience as a research participant include the following information:

  • Title of the study?
  • Why did you select this particular study?
  • What did you do in this study?
  • What do you think were the hypotheses?

 4. Select two points from the article and discuss how your experiences completing an in-person vs. online research project supports (or does not support) the claims made by the authors of the article.

Your paper should be no longer than 4 pages.

References. See Citing References in Text, APA Manual, p.174-179.

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