Final Paper: Research on the Effects of Coronavirus

Before COVID ClosingNew
Journals Entries: Attachment Theory; Healthy Skepticism; Trust in Research; Animals in Research; Scientific Writing; Free Entry20%
Papers (20%)
Paper I: In-Person vs. Online
Paper II: Validity  
Test 1 Used as Bonus Points
After Spring Break
Paper – 60%

The final paper reads as a narrative. In other words, the questions used to guide your writing in the section assignments should not appear in the final paper. The paper must follow APA guidelines.

Title Page


Main Body of Paper

Introduction The NY TIMES, John Hopkins and the CDC has information regarding the number cases and symptoms which will provide you with some background information. The introduction needs to highlight why we are doing this project. Two paragraphs.

The paper will be broken down into these separate sections. Use headings in your paper.

Knowledge gained from Interviews (see CANVAS for directions)

Knowledge gained from Observation (see CANVAS for directions)

Knowledge gained from Questionnaire (see CANVAS for directions)

Knowledge gained from Correlational Design (see CANVAS for directions)

Summary and Conclusion

A. Summarize your findings and what do you conclude from this study.


Appendix A: Your Interview Transcript with coding

Appendix B: Your scores and explanations on the Observation