Research Paper

Sample summary of research article

Monday-Wednesday interview

Tuesday- Thursday interview

The paper will integrate (1) the information and observations gathered from your interviews and (2) three related peer reviewed research articles on a particular topic related to the interview (s). Options for interviews include (a) one male and one female adolescent, (b) two adolescents from different ethnic backgrounds (c) one early adolescent (ages 11-14) and one late adolescent (ages 15 and 18) (d) an elderly person (70 years and above) and an adolescent of same gender, (e) one adolescent from another country (through internet) and one adolescent from the US.

 Components of Paper

Sample Title page – Sample Report-Tanya– Sample Report- Lucas
Sample Summary- (we will read and summarize Pubertal Development and the Daily Subjective States which will serve as a sample on how to summarize a research article, you may not include this article in your paper) – Sample References

What your paper should look like.

Absolute Nos                            Commonly Misused Words                   APA Style

Databases you can use:  ERIC/PsycARTICLES/PsycINFO/ProQuest
Articles need to be peer reviewed. Directions to finding articles on library databases.

Good Journals for Your Paper: Journal of Adolescence/Adolescence
Journal of Research on Adolescence/Journal of Youth and Adolescence/
Child Development (more complicated articles)/Developmental Psychology (more complicated articles)

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