Validity of Personality Apps

This paper will follow APA formatting. Empirical APA papers require the following components:  Title page, Abstract, Main Body (i.e., Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion) and References.

This paper will be written as a group paper.  You are to use Google Docs to write you paper. Google Docs allows all in a group to write simultaneously.  Once completed, you will save the paper as Word Document and upload the document of BB.

Purpose of the Study. To examine the validity and reliability of personality apps. 

Title page
Introduction to validity  paper

1. Find one article on personality. The purpose of the selected article is to demonstrate that personality dimensions affect behavior or well-being.


         The article summary form (not mandatory to use, but helpful) may help you pull out the important information from your readings.

Method: Explanation
           –method sample

A.  Personality Apps (this the assessment that you want to validate and assess its reliability)

As a group, choose a personality app

B. Select one of the following  questionnaires

        Sample Results
        STEPS in Data Analysis for Validity Paper
Correlations for Method- Interpretations of correlations


References:  See APA Manual

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